New Story for Dog Lovers

I’m pleased to announce that WDM Publishing has released my latest dog story (with romantic elements). Unlike A Walk With Georgia, this one is straight contemporary fiction. No fantasy or sci fi overtones. I hope you enjoy meeting Jolly and Jenny!

by Debbie Mumford
Audience: General | Contemporary | Short Story

When Prince Jolly Well Done, a Grand Champion Poodle, escapes from his beautifully landscaped backyard, his dog-sitter Jenny must find him.

Quickly. Because the timing sucks!

After all, his owners are due to return from their vacation in the South of France today… and there’s no way Jenny can afford to pay for such a valuable dog!

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It’s time for a cover revamp!

I’m in the process of updating a few of my covers. The stories are the same… only the covers have changed. Because we all know, people DO judge a book by its cover *lol*

So which titles are getting a revamped? All is about to be revealed!

First up: Red’s Magick

Here’s the original cover:

And here’s the updated version:

I’m very pleased with the change. I hope you are too!

Next up is another Red story. This one is Seeing Red

Here’s the original:

And here’s the new version:

Again, I’m really pleased with the new look.

Now that Red’s been taken care of, we move to The Signs of the Prophecy series. The first book is Youngest, and it’s had two covers so far…

But (IMHO) neither of them works as well as this new one:

I like to think the same can be said of the second book’s covers. Here are the two covers Seeker has had so far:

And here *drumroll, please* is Seeker‘s new look…

Now all I have to do is write the final book in the trilogy! I promise, Chosen will be along in a year or so 😀

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New Short Stories!

I have two new short stories out. The first is a dragon tale, but unlike my usual fare, it’s a bit dark. Take a look…

by Debbie Mumford
Audience: General | Dark Fantasy | Short Story

Who can resist a dragon? Especially one highlighted in a short and definitely not sweet fantasy caper?

Even in fantasy fiction not all quests are honorable— this one certainly isn’t— but it is a tight, punchy nugget of a story… all wrapped up in scales and claws.

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The second tale is a deep space story… with a touch of humor.

by Debbie Mumford
Audience: General | Space Opera | Short Story

The captain of an ice hauler, a smart aleck AI, and a young stow-away.

What could possibly go wrong?

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My Latest Kickstarter Just Launched!

Make 100 Short Stories: Spun Yarns Unwound

If you enjoy short stories, this is the campaign for you! 100 short stories collected in five volumes. Science Fiction. Fantasy. Contemporary tales. Urban Fantasy. Romance, Mystery, and Historical Fiction… and more!

You can back to receive a single volume or get all five. In digital format or trade paperback. Your choice. And lots of other great reads as well.

Check it out today!

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2022 in Review

Last year I did a couple of posts reviewing 2021: one for reading and one for publishing. This year I’m combining the two.

Let’s start with publishing. Here’s a visual of the titles my publishing company (WDM Publishing) released in 2022:

I’m pleased with that line-up.

In addition to publishing, WDM also launched its own ebook store, allowing my readers to buy directly from me. It’s still new, but I’m very pleased with the visits and sales it has generated so far!

Now, on to reading!

Last year was the first time I’d ever bothered to keep track of the number of books I read. I was amazed to discover that I read 130 novels in 2021. I didn’t quite match that number this year, but I figure 115 novels in 2022 is at least respectable 😀

Here’s hoping you’re as pleased with your accomplishments in 2022 as I am with mine 😀 😀 😀

Onward to 2023!

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