A New Uncollected Anthology Tale!

I’m so pleased to announce that my latest Uncollected Anthology story is now available for purchase! I hope you enjoy meeting Kanti and Arthur as much as I enjoyed telling their story 😀

(Uncollected Anthology: Unexpected Histories)
by Debbie Mumford
Audience: General | Urban Fantasy | Short Story

Kanti Misra’s father, the prince of the Prandhaharan Banyan Copse, has bargained away her future for a trade alliance with the distant city-state of Bravenstadt. She is about to meet the man her father has decreed she should marry. A man who lives in a world governed by metal and springs, while Kanti, a daughter of the Banyan copse, is a woman attuned to nature and growing things. How can her father expect her to thrive in a city where nature has been subjugated by technology?

Arthur Blakeslee arrives in the Banyan Copse expecting to collect his bride quickly and return to civilization. He would have preferred to choose his own mate, but he expects Kanti— a princess in her world— to be meek and demure; a young woman who will advance his social standing. He finds her to be strong-willed, opinionated, and possessed of a magic that his technological upbringing refuses to accept.

Can Kanti and Arthur set aside their biases and discover each other’s talents, or will their fathers’ hopes for a better future be dashed?


And don’t forget… if you want to read ALL of the “Unexpected Histories” stories (including one by Dean Wesley Smith and a NOVELLA by Kristine Kathryn Rusch!), you can purchase the “Uncollected Collected” volume here.

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A New Story is Out!

I’m really pleased to announce that I have a new short story available. “Trial on the Trail” is a Yellowstone adventure. In the here and now. No fantasy elements, just a bit of family drama.

I know, I know. Not the my usual fare, but I love Yellowstone and I had fun writing this. AND since you can’t visit Yellowstone at the moment due to unprecedented flooding, the tale is strangely timely.

Anyway, here it is…


by Debbie Mumford

General Adult | Adventure | Short Story

Family. Our greatest asset… and sometimes our greatest trial.

When Ranger Jed Knowles’ family decides to visit Yellowstone National Park he expects some tense moments. After all, his high-achieving family isn’t overly impressed with his decision to become a park ranger. But Jed never expected the predicament his neurosurgeon brother and his twin sons put the family in… not to mention the danger. Will Ranger Jed be able to save the day? And possibly earn the respect he deserves from the people he loves most?


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Great News!

The Prentiss Twins Kickstarter Campaign is doing GREAT! Not only did it fund in record time (within the first 24 hours!), but it has now soared past its first stretch goal 😀 😀 😀

Color me thrilled!

Keep up the great work… and thank you SO much for your support!

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The Prentiss Twins Meet Kickstarter!

I’m excited to announce that my latest Kickstarter campaign will launch tomorrow (June 14, 2022). This one will be different because it will feature Deb Logan’s Prentiss Twins series, including the as-yet-unpublished third novel, White Buffalo!

Escape into a world of shamans, spirit animals, and mythological gods and demi-gods. Perfect for the kids in your life who love adventure tales with a spike of magic… and Native American flair.

Check it out today! You can choose to be notified as soon as it launches 😀

Exciting times ahead… be sure to join the fun!

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A New Sweet Romance Short Story

Hooray! WDM Publishing has released my latest short story, a sweet romance set in the Pacific Northwest. Here’s what it’s all about…

Mountain Ash

by Debbie Mumford

General Adult | Sweet Romance | Short Story

Paul Freeman, a successful land developer, is a wealthy man. He has everything he could ever desire… except for someone to share his life. So far he’s only met women who covet his possessions and what his position can give them.

Rowan Woodward isn’t looking for love. She’s only interested in saving the land she loves from development. Especially the grove of mountain ash she played in as a child. When the detestable Paul Freeman buys the land where her grove stands, she’s determined to protect her trees from being bulldozed into a parking lot.

When Rowan and Paul meet, sparks fly. But not the kind she expected…


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