LOTS of News!

Wow! The last week or so has been exciting! New short stories have been released, a Deb Logan series has been updated, and a Kickstarter campaign has been launched. Let’s start with that last one first…

I’ve launched a Kickstarter campaign featuring my Kristi Lundrigan Mysteries! As of this moment, it’s close to 65% funded and includes lots of great reading… with even MORE planned as stretch goals. So… if you like cats and cozy mysteries, I hope you’ll check it out and join the fun!

Visit the campaign today!


Next up: My latest Gus and Ghost story!

by Debbie Mumford
Audience: Urban Fantasy | General Audience | Short Story

Detective Gus Collier and his partner Jack Barnes solve crimes in Portland, Oregon, but that’s just the surface of Gus’s responsibilities. He’s also the seventh child of a seventh child, giving him paranormal abilities and a second partner, Sarah Allen … who just happens to be a ghost. A ritual murder during the ancient feast of Lammas, or First Fruits, will require all of Gus’s talents (mundane and paranormal) and both of his partners (living and dead!) to solve. Will Gus and Ghost find the answer in time to prevent a city-wide disaster?



And now… Deb’s revised series. Her Cinnamon Chou stories now have updated titles and covers. Same great stories, just a more uniform look as “The Cinnamon Files,”

Discover more about Cinnamon here!

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Exciting New Releases!

This has been a good week! Not only did WDM Publishing release a new alternate history short story by yours truly, but Blackbird Publishing released a new anthology that includes one of my tales. Go, me! Here are the details:

by Debbie Mumford
Audience: Alternate History | General Audience | Short Story

English history took a major turn at the Battle of Hastings in 1066 when William, Duke of Normandy (later known as William the Conqueror) fought the English army under the command of the Anglo-Saxon King Harold Godwinson. The Norman conquest changed the course of English history forever.

But what if unexpected forces had come to Harold’s aid?



From Blackbird Publishing
Audience: Magic | General Audience | Anthology

Set your cauldron to bubbling, and read these fifteen tales of magic, sorcery, and enchantment!

What if you could smell magic—or go to a bar and get a shot of magic to go with your cocktail? Will an aging sorcerer’s last pupil ever learn anything? And what could possibly go wrong when a pair of witches enter the local chili cook-off?

Includes stories by DeAnna Knippling, Leah R. Cutter, Robert Jeschonek, Debbie Mumford, Annie Reed, Rei Rosenquist, Alicia Cay, James Pyles, Grayson Towler, Jamie Ferguson, Dayle A. Dermatis, Thea Hutcheson, Leslie Claire Walker, Sharon Kae Reamer, and Steve Vernon.


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The Infinite Bard…

I’m pleased to say that this week’s offering on The Infinite Bard is MINE!!

The Infinite Bard is a FREE reading site. We have more than 50 stories up now! No sign up, no membership, no nonsense. Sample tales from some great indie authors… including ME!

Soft-Bark Awakens is a very short story about a fantasy version of redwood trees and their interconnectedness. Soft-Bark is related to another story of mine, Needle-Green.

I hope you enjoy reading Soft-Bark Awakens!

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Uncollected Anthology: Alchemy!

I’m thrilled to announce that I’m a guest author for the prestigious Uncollected Anthology! Uncollected Anthology: Alchemy #24 will officially release on April 1, but you can read my story now. Here are the details:

(Uncollected Anthology: Alchemy #24)
by Debbie Mumford
Audience: Urban Fantasy | General Audience | Short Story

Detective Gus Collier and his ghostly partner Dr. Sarah Allen are investigating the murder of a prominent Portland businessman when his ghost gives them some startling news. Before his untimely death, the man was an immortal (well… almost!) alchemist, and he’s carrying an important secret to his grave. Will the crime-fighting duo manage to discover the motive, find the murderer, and protect other innocent lives? This may turn out to be one of Gus and Ghost’s most fascinating cases!


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A New Kristi Lundrigan Mystery!

WDM Publishing has just released my first Kristi Lundrigan short story! Fool’s Puzzle continues the story begun in Delectable Mountain Quilting. The quilt shop is open and Kristi is getting to know her customers… and helping them however she can.

Here’s the scoop:

FOOL’S PUZZLEFool's Puzzle
by Debbie Mumford

Audience: General Adult | Cozy Mystery | Short Story

When an out-of-town antiques dealer overvalues an elderly ranch owner’s quilts, Kristi Lundrigan is asked to provide an appraisal. Kristi’s not sure what he’s up to, but she suspects he’s running a con. Can she figure out his scam in time to prevent harm?

Buy FOOL’S PUZZLE today!

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