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Macmillan vs. Amazon

Have you read the scuttlebutt about Amazon dropping all Macmillan books from their ordering system? It’s big news in the publishing world and I’m not really equipped to explain it to you, but the short version is Amazon is attempting … Continue reading

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Do "Serious" Writers Write for the Web?

Here’s another question from the interview I completed last week. This one touches on a bias I run across far too frequently…that e-pubbed writers aren’t *really* published. The Question: How would you respond to the “prevailing wisdom” that “serious” writers … Continue reading

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The Creation of a Cover

This is an amazing post about the creation of the cover art for Ken Scholes’ upcoming book, Canticle. Absolutely wonderful description of how a cover comes to be, and gorgeous art work. Enjoy!

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Editor's Creed

The Editor’s Creed Copyright K.M. Frontain, 28 August 2007 Permission to reprint granted to all I’m not here to be your fan, but I will be your first fan the day your story is published. I am here to see … Continue reading

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