Dani’s Been Collected!

Dani Erickson is one of Deb Logan’s favorite characters! Kind of an alternate universe version of Deb herself … a *VERY* alternate universe. One where a bookish straight-A student turns into a swashbuckling demon hunter *lol*

Anyway, Deb’s five Dani Erickson tales have now been collected into a single volume … and it’s available in both digital and print formats! If you’ve been waiting to read all of Dani’s adventures, now is the time!


DANI’S DEMONSDani's Demons
(Dani Erickson Collection)
by Deb Logan
Audience: Juvenile | Demon Hunter | Collection

This collection contains all five Dani Erickson stories detailing her journey from her awakening on her fourteenth birthday to her launch as a fully trained demon hunter. Get to know Dani as she deals with her family’s expectations, learns necessary skills from her guardian, protects her high school friends (and occasionally enemies) from demons … and discovers her place in the wider world.

Watch out demons … Dani’s on the prowl!


About Debbie

Debbie Mumford specializes in fantasy and paranormal romance. She loves mythology and is especially fond of Celtic and Native American lore. She writes about faeries, dragons, and other fantasy creatures for adults as herself, and for tweens and young adults as Deb Logan.
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