Faery Chronicles

Claire Murray is a 21st century American teen, who just happens to be a faery princess! Join her as she discovers her true identity and learns to navigate the Realm of Faery.


(Faery Chronicles 1)
by Deb Logan

Audience: YA | Fantasy | Faeries | Novel

Claire Murray loves her family. Even her decidedly weird grandmother, a woman who carries a toy dragon with her everywhere and talks to it as if she expects an answer.

How could her parents desert her for the French Riviera and leave Gran in charge? What if the batty old woman decides to throw a party for Claire’s soon-to-be 15th birthday? What will her friends think if Gran tells dragon stories?

Claire’s top priority? Keep Gran away from everyone at Jefferson High!

A vividly realized novel combining high school drama and epic fantasy…a tale centuries in the making!

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(Faery Chronicles 2)
by Deb Logan

Audience: Fantasy | General | Short Story

Claire Murray has a secret. One that only her very best friends in the whole world, Lexie and Brent, know … and they’ve been sworn to secrecy. But now that Claire has learned the family secret, she wants to know more. She wants to hear the story of Princess Rhiannon and Eoin the Strong. She needs to understand how her family began, and why she inherited the family dragon!

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(Faery Chronicles 3)
by Deb Logan
Audience: Fantasy | Teen | Novelette

Claire Murray, a real live faery princess, is spending her first midwinter holiday with her many-times-removed grandfather, the King of Faery. When her best friend Roddy, the Prince of Winter, is accused of stealing the Wyrd Stone, a magical artifact that governs the turning of the seasons, Claire must discover the real culprit before the all important celebration of the Festival of Alban Arthan. Can she clear her friend’s name before he’s banished from Faery … forever!

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LEXIE’S CHOICELexie's Choice
(Faery Chronicles 4)
by Deb Logan
Audience: YA | Faeries | Short Story

Prom is just around the corner, but Lexie has mixed emotions. The guy of her dreams has issued the invitation, but she can’t afford the kind of dress that makes her drool. Fortunately, her best friend is a faery princess. No. Really. Claire is an honest-to-goodness faery princess with flower faeries at her command. The girls want gorgeous prom dresses? No problem! The flower faeries can deliver. Unfortunately, nothing in Faery is what it seems, and prom dresses for mortal friends carry a hefty price tag. Will Lexie earn her dream dress? The outcome is totally in her hands. Too bad no one told her she’s on trial…

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(Faery Chronicles Collection)
by Deb Logan

Audience: Fantasy | Teen | Collection

This collection contains three tales that continue the adventure begun in Faery Unexpected.

In the first story, Faery Beautiful, we learn how Princess Rhiannon and Eoin the Strong met and began the saga.

In Faery Unpredictable, Claire and Roddy return to the Realm of Faery for the Christmas holidays and fall victim to the intrigue and plots of King Alberic’s High Court.

And finally, in Lexie’s Choice, Claire’s BFF, Lexie Davis takes center stage, proving that sidekick’s can have adventures too!

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(Faery Chronicles Preview)
by Deb Logan
Audience: Contemporary Fantasy | Young Adult | Short Story

Claire’s 15th birthday brings a huge surprise: she’s inherited her grandmother’s dragon! Imagine her surprise when the toy her grandmother carries with her everywhere turns out to be a real live dragon. One who looks like a toy when any uninitiated person is around. Life is about to get very interesting.



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