New Science Fiction Release: THE WARBIRDS OF ABSAROKA

I’m excited to announce that my publisher has released an updated version of THE WARBIRDS OF ABSAROKA! This was originally written as a tie-in with Nick Webb’s Legacy Fleet series, but when Kindle Worlds closed its doors, I revised the story to pull it into my planned Universal Star League series. I’m pleased it’s available again!

by Debbie Mumford
Audience: Space Opera | General Audience | Short Story

Brenna Standing Bear has been given an impossible task by her dying grandfather: convince Absaroka’s Planetary Council to build a fleet to defend against the Bug-Eyes. The problem? The council believes the Bug-Eyes were defeated sixty-eight years ago. Why should they expend precious resources to defend against a non-existent threat?

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SECOND SIGHT is now Available in both eBook and Print!

Release Day has finally arrived! All of you who pre-ordered Second Sight should receive your copy today. I really hope you enjoy it!

Several of my wonderful newsletter subscribers received advance reading copies (ARC) a month or so ago when they agreed to review the book. One of those has already posted her comments on the Amazon-Canada site … and she liked the book enough to order a copy so that her review would show as a “verified purchase.” I’m overwhelmed!!

Here is her review:

First off I purchased this book on pre-order, so that this review would be a verified purchased review, I had received an ARC copy pre-release, THAT is how good this book is! I put my money where my mouth is on this one.

The fluid flow of the writing was breath taking, with great pacing, well thought out and executed plot, main characters (Zach & Jenny) to die for, how could you not love this book. This book has all the hallmarks of a wonderful first book in a new best selling series! I want more, I can’t wait for the next book! Way to go Debbie Mumford, you have done yourself proud with this one.


Curious? Here’s the information:

by Debbie Mumford

Audience: Paranormal Romance | Mystery | Psychic | Novel

When Zach Douglass’ best friend dies in his arms from a psychic trauma, he finds himself devastated and beyond his abilities. He must enlist help to solve the murder.

Jenny Murdoch repressed her potent psychic talent for years, believing the tiger that stalks her mind killed her parents. Unwilling to trust that tiger, she must face her own ability and accept her past.

Somehow, Zach, a psychic with minimal ability, must work with powerful but untrained Jenny to gain control of her vast powers and discover who murdered his friend. And maybe along the way Zach and Jenny can find each other.

A riveting paranormal romance. Impossible to put down.

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Print Edition: Amazon

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Rose City Comic Con 2018 was Great!

RCCC Booth 847

Thanks to everyone who stopped by our booth at Rose City Comic Con! Whether you bought a book or not, you made our time at RCCC memorable and we all appreciate it!

RCCC was fascinating. So many things to see and do … but talking to readers and other writers was the best. There’s nothing like sharing a common interest in tales of adventure.

We hope to see you again in coming years, but for now, Debbie & Dragon are having a quiet day at home!

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Artie and Jed are back!

The heroes of Terrors, Artie Woodward & Jed Kendrick, are back with another exciting adventure. They’re older, more experienced in fighting the Terrors, and ready to take their partnership to a new, and more personal, level!

by Deb Logan
Audience: Urban Fantasy | New Adult | Short Story

Artie Woodward and Jed Kendrick have fallen in love and plan to marry, but when Jed’s Irish grandmother invites them to visit her in Dublin, they discover what their shared ability to see the creatures they call “Terrors” really means: they are Seers. They can see the Fae…but the Fae don’t like being seen. When Jed is kidnapped and ensorcelled by the Faery Queen, Artie must use every skill she has to rescue the man she loves!

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WDM Publishing has released a new Deb Logan short story under their Spun Yarns imprint! I’m really excited to introduce Amelia Fox, a teenage girl attending a very cool school…

by Deb Logan
Audience: Mystery | Juvenile | Short Story

When Amelia Fox arrives at Mercer Island Academy for her first day of high school, she discovers her name has been submitted to the school’s very special training program: covert operations! Someone thinks she has what it takes to be a spy … but who? Amelia has a pretty good idea, but will her instincts prove correct? Only time will tell!


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