Hooray for Facelifts!

No, I haven’t had a rendezvous with a plastic surgeon. My website had a close encounter with a web design guru *lol*

I’ve been wishing I had the resources to pull my website and my blog into closer visual alignment, but alas…I’m unemployed. So when I won a website audit in a contest over the summer I was over the moon! I didn’t really expect the designer to help me do a makeover as part of the audit, but she did! She gave me a few pointers about things that needed tweaking, and then graciously created the background I needed for my site.

I did the physical labor…pulling it all together in Dreamweaver…but without her guidance and that new background, nothing would have happened. Thank you, Ella! You’re a peach!

The rest of you, go appreciate the nice congruity between this blog and my main Flights of Fantasy site!

Cool, huh?

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