Do You Have a Default Writing Voice?

I started a new story the other day and when I came up for air, realized I’d been writing in a style totally alien to my norm. I had written the first scene in first person present tense!

Now, when I write my young adult and tween stories, I often write in first person, but never present tense. I always write in past tense. My fantasy and paranormal romances are always in third person past tense.

Where did this new scene come from? Do I have yet another writerly voice lurking in the back of my brain? Egad! How many personalities do I have?

*LOL* If I weren’t a writer, I might be freaked to find yet another voice clamoring to be heard. But unusual characters whispering their stories to the subconscious is all in a day’s work for an active writer…

Talk about a fine line!

So, how about you? What’s your default voice when you sit down at your keyboard? Does it change from story to story?

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1 Response to Do You Have a Default Writing Voice?

  1. Gwen says:

    I hear ya on the voice that is out of your control, but to be quite honest, something about the present tense just makes me twitch, lol. I think my natural voice is first person. I’ve picked up third person as a means of being able to expand viewpoints and also because it seems more ‘in’ at the moment. Still a challenge for me though, and if I’m not careful, I can just slip into first person quite easily. *snort*

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