Published Work:
Deirdre’s Dragon, KidVisions, September 2005
Mom’s Helper, The Pink Chameleon, June 2005
How a Fox Deals With Fleas, KidVisions, December 2005
Best Wishes, Flash Me Magazine, January 2006 (Reader’s Poll – 2nd Place)
Ensorcelled, Dragons, Knights, and Angels, April 2006
Intuition, Flash Me Magazine, April 2006 (Reader’s Poll – 2nd Place)
Glass Magic, Freya’s Bower, June 2006
Sorcha’s Heart, Freya’s Bower, July 2006
Opening Her Eyes, Flash Me Magazine, July 2006 (Reader’s Poll Winner!)
The Eyes Have It, Coffee Time Romance, October 2006
Wakinyan’s Valley, Wild Child, October 2006 (Editor’s Choice Award)
Anywhere But Here, Flash Me Magazine, October 2006 (Reader’s Poll Winner!)
Red’s Merry Mischief in Dreams & Desires, Freya’s Bower, February 2007
Second Sight, Freya’s Bower, May 2007
Beneath and Beyond, Lavender Isis Press, June 2007
Corn Maze, (Deb Logan) The Wild Rose Press, August 2007
Angelic Voices, (Deb Logan) The Wild Rose Press, August 2007
Dragons’ Choice, Freya’s Bower, November 2007
Star Stepping, Wild Child Publishing, June 2008
Close Call in A Cup of Comfort for Families Touched by Alzheimer’s, Adams Media, October 2008
Fairly Godmother in Dreams & Desires 3, Freya’s Bower, February 2009
The Silver Casket, Freya’s Bower, August 2009
Wakinyan’s Valley, WDM Publishing, February 2011
Red’s Magick, WDM Publishing, February 2011
The Tie That Binds, WDM Publishing, July 2011
Beneath and Beyond, WDM Publishing, July 2011
Lilah’s Ghost (Deb Logan), WDM Publishing, July 2011 (originally published as Corn Maze)
Sorcha’s Heart, WDM Publishing, August 2011
Dragons’ Choice, WDM Publishing, September 2011
Faery Unexpected (Deb Logan), WDM Publishing, October 2011
Thunderbird (Deb Logan), WDM Publishing, October 2011
Angelic Voices (Deb Logan), WDM Publishing, October 2011
Second Sight, WDM Publishing, March 2012
Love in a Flash, WDM Publishing, July 2012
Her Highland Laird, WDM Publishing, July, 2012 (originally published as The Silver Casket)
Demon Daze (Deb Logan), WDM Publishing, February 2013
Dragons’ Flight, WDM Publishing, March 2013
School Daze (Deb Logan), WDM Publishing, March 2013

Works in Process:
Fantasy Romance Novel – Dragons’ Destiny
YA Urban Fantasy Novel – Dani: Demon Hunter Extraordinaire

Outlined and in the Queue:
YA Steampunk Novel – Steadfast Heart
Urban Fantasy Novel – Dead Reckoning
Historical Romance – Waiting for Warmth
Epic Fantasy – Touched